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      Beijing Global Auto Parts Co.,Ltd
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      E-mail: globaltrade@vip.sina.com
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      Solenoid valve of common injector

      Injector high-pressure connection tube 1112BF11-020
        Injector high-pressure connection tube 1112BF11-020
      Product Description:

       1. OEM supplier with good quality

      2. With different model and part no. products

      3. Small order is available

      4. Customized sample is accepted


      OEM NO.:1112BF11-020            Application:different model injector                 

      FOB price:6-9 USD per piece



      Other model and part no. products we could supply as following:

      Part No. 1 Part No. 2 Application OEM No. Matching injector Rigidity Process Diameter/Length
      TW001 WL20-01 CUMMINS ISLE 4903290 0445120121 0445120122 HRC24-30 phosphorization Φ18.4X127.7
      TW002 WL20-08 WEICHAI WP10 WP12 F00RJ01730 0445120086 0445120265 HRC24-30 phosphorization Φ18.4X115.8
      TW003 WL20-09 YUCHAI 4G 4E 6J 6A 6L F00RJ01706 G2 100A
      F1706-07 04 11- 07-06
      0445120110 HRC24-30 phosphorization Φ18.4X121.5
      TW004 WL20-12 KOMATSU excvavtor 220.230.240 HYUNDAI excvavtor CUMMINS ISDE 4903290
      0445120123 0445120059 HRC24-30 phosphorization Φ18.4X127.9
      TW005 WL20-00 TIANLONG CUMMINS L340 4931173   HRC24-30 phosphorization Φ16X107
      TW006 WL20-03 FAW AUWEI XICHAI 630 350Ps F00RJ01659
      630-0000K 3202A093
      F1659 - 0801;11 - 08 - 23 ;28 000 001
      0445120078 HRC24-30 phosphorization Φ18.4X120.5



      We support the terms of payment: L/C, T/T, Western Union, Paypal, Money Gram etc.


      Transportation: By DHL, TNT, EMS, UPS, FedEx , Russian special line etc. By air (Minimum weight is 50 kg) / By sea (Minimum weight is 1 Ton) / As requested .



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